Efgres is a Czech company that provides services and tools to help organizations solve their business needs.



Our professional consultants help companies search and analyze solutions to the identified business problems. Over the years, we have gained valuable experiences from various projects in different organizations, which we are ready to apply to help your company move forward and innovate.

The secondary goal is to improve the way the solutions are analysed and described through the initiative called Effective Analysis. It includes guidelines, practices and tools to get the work done better and faster.



We are also leading experts in documenting organizational assets. We are convinced that having quality, concise documentation of the enterprise has a significant impact on how fast it can respond to change. Years of research enabled us to develop guidelines defining what to document and why. We are also the authors of the EASynchro tool, which automates the manual documenting tasks, and makes the whole documentation process smoother.



Our work is largely based on modeling business domains and IT architectures, mainly using Enterprise Architect tool. We help companies understand the power of modeling and show them how to integrate the tool with their systems. We also develop Enterprise Architect add-ins and provide trainings.



Our work requires us to possess a lot of knowledge and skills to help our clients grow, and we decided to share it. We provide business/IT analysis trainings, workshops, and courses focused on analysis, project management and Enterprise Architect tool.

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Based in the Czech Republic, ready to travel to solve your needs
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